Our crazy day! And a Benson update

Yesterday was CRAZY!

We started the day with a 45 seconds (yes 45 SECONDS!) consultation with the urologist for Benson (Aaron) while I shopped at Target, Charlie’s 5 year and Benson’s 6 month check-up and shots (me) while Aaron shopped at Wal-Mart and got the oil changed in Clifford. That wound up taking longer than we expected, so Benson, Charlie, and I walked from the Doc’s to Walmart (1 mile). We then had a quick lunch, and I had a play date with my friend Beth and her kids while Aaron took Benson to see Dr. Ruggerie (our cardiologist). THAT appointment went over (more on that later), so I had to walk a mile with Kade for his eye appointment while Beth graciously watched Livvy and Beaners. Aaron met me at the Opticians, and we picked up the kids, played at the park, met up with Eric and Amy and their 3 girls (including new baby Everley), then to Sams, back up to Eric’s house to pick some things up, drive thru at McDonald for 10 cent ice cream cones for the kids (at 9:45 p.m.!) and then back home to Shelby.

Through this CRAZY schedule, the kids were amazing!!!

We got home at 11:00, and were we exhausted!!! LOL

Benson update: While he was at the cardiologists, he had an echo cardiogram. Then the Doctor listened to his heart. And he was perplexed. He was  hearing something he wasn’t seeing on the echo, and ordered another one. Basically, he discovered more pulmonary stenosis (narrowing) right as the arteries are leading to the lungs, which is causing added stress to his already compromised and leaky pulmonary valve. We’re not sure if this narrowing is new or was always there, but it is causing the blood to be pushed back through the pulmonary valve more than we were anticipating. His valve is already starting to fail, much earlier than we were expecting it to. Basically this means that instead of having his valve replaced in 10-15 years, we’re looking at 1-3 years. Another open heart surgery much sooner than we wanted. Depending on how his pulmonary arteries improve/continue to narrow, there may be other procedures done as well. Not news we needed/wanted to hear, but at least we have a heads up anyway… :-/