About our Family

This Blog is all about Our life, Our Love, and Our Laughter.












Dad: Aaron, a husband and father extraordinaire. He’s a fantastic husband, a Prince Charming living in his castle with his Queen. He loves to wrestle with the boys and make his wife happy. He’s a hard worker and a great example to those around him. Aaron is working for Customs and Border Protection. He fixes computers and networks at Ports of Entry’s and Border Patrol stations. Aaron has found a “hobby.” He is working on the Toole County Ambulance. He is a EMT-FRA and is working on getting more endorsements.  He loves it because it has nothing to do with computers and he can help others.











Mom: Amaree, a wife and mother. She’s an affectionate mom, and a doting wife who tries to make and keep her family happy. She loves cooking (too much) and playing with her boys and baby girl. She has a small art business (Photokami). Amaree has also found a wonderful place to volunteer. She is a Volunteer Site Coordinator for the Shelby Area in Bountiful Baskets.  By doing this she brings in GREAT produce to the area for a very low cost.










Kade: Oldest, age 6. He is the best big brother around, always entertaining Charlie and Olivia. He is stubborn and can have a temper, but generally is quite affectionate and loving, and full of joy. Kade can now ride his bike and has expanded his world to the hill of Shelby. Kade has finished his first year of school and is starting 1st grade in the fall.











Charlie: almost 5. He’s our Charlie Barley Broccoli Head. He loves playing trains with his brother, and basically doing anything his brother does. He is also very loving, very much a mama’s boy, and very fearless. Charlie is ALWAYS willing to help out Olivia or Benson. He also has mastered the bicycle and is enjoying his new-found freedom. He starts Kindergarten in the fall.








Olivia: Is now 2 and a half and growing every day. She is sleeping very well and growing up so fast. She loves to kiss and gives hugs and is always willing to say “hi” to complete strangers. She is VERY independent. If you try and help her she says “own” and does not want any help. She will be very sad when both her older brothers go to school in the fall.











Benson: our little “Heart Throb”! He was born to us Jan 2012 with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) with Pulmonary Atresia. On April 11 2012 it was repaired and he is a HEALTHY happy baby boy. He is so willing to give anyone a smile – and it is a big smile at that.

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