Charlies 5th Birthday party

Charlie has turned 5! Along with celebrating his birthday we had another fun surprise. My Brother and his wife had their 3rd baby. Not only did Charlie and Everley share a due date but now the share the same birthday and same doctor that delivered them. Everley Caroline Matthews born July 13,2012. She is 6 lbs. 4oz, 18.5 inches long. Charlie was a bit bigger – 6 lbs. 13 oz. Charlie has been fascinated with spiders. I am not talking about Spider Man or the Amazing Spider Man – but real spiders that crawl around on the ground. We have book after book from the library. So Charlie wanted a spider themed party. Amaree first had the kids play like they were spiders and grabbing their prey out of the web, spinning them around and then “biting them”, then of course eating them.

We had the kids play pin the insect on the spiders web. Not sure if they enjoyed the coloring of the insect more or the pinning it on the web more.


Next we took an idea from Kades teacher from last year. We took Oreo cookies and twisted them in half, had the kids put red licorice for legs, and put small semi-sweet chocolate eye balls on the top after putting the other side of the cookie back on.


Next we had the kids hit the pi̱ata that Amaree had made Рit was called Arachnious-Charlious! the kids loved hitting it. Especially since there was candy in it.

For lunch we used the same idea with the Oreos and made little PB and jam sandwiches with pretzel legs.  By this time the lids were so overlaoded with candy that they did not eat much.

Finally we brought out the cake and had Charlie blow out the candles. It seemed like 2 hours was too much time but it was just enough to get all this done. We are grateful that everyone came over to help us celebrate Charlies birthday!  Here is to 5 wonderful years with the Beaners!


4th of July

Since Aaron had the day off, we decided to make a trip of it and go to Great Falls for the 4th of July and spend time with Eric, Amy and girls, and Quinn, Kasie, and kids. We enjoyed the parade– and it was not too hot this year– and then had a fun barbeque and a spectacular firework display! Before the parade started, there were people handing out free American Flags. Of course, we took them up on it!