Down to ONE!!!

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time. Olivia had been ready off and on since before Benson was born to be potty trained. She was able to use the toilet no problem, just not consistently. I didn’t want to do it, however, until Benson came, because I didn’t want the frustration of regression, and I was hugely pregnant and didn’t have the energy to deal with it. And then, Benson came, and with him, a slew of unanticipated complications. So I wasn’t going to worry about it until after his surgery. So three weeks ago I decided it was time. So I cleared my schedule for an entire week, didn’t go ANYWHERE, and we focused on one thing. Getting Olivia out of diapers.

And, I am proud to announce that we are down to one in diapers! She was a breeze to train! Within a couple of days, she was only having accidents when she was outside playing. A couple days after that, she was freaking out when she had to go when she was outside. And a day or two after that, she was completely dry at night. Way to go principessa!

Almost Day-Time POTTY-TRAINED!!!

If you are tired of potty-training updates, then read no further. It has been a huge focus of my life recently, obviously, so I must continue on…

Well, Kade once again insisted on wearing “unwerdare” today. Since I was able to finally do laundry (I can’t WAIT until I have my own laundry room instead of the community washer/dryers in the condo- We do have a washing machine, but we have no where to hang clothes up… A house with a yard sounds better and better each day) I actually had a clean pair (or 10!) so I packed several clean pair and some clean pants into the diaper bag and decided to run all of our millions of errands today with him in underwear.

NOT ONE ACCIDENT ALL DAY LONG!!! He is semi-daytime trained!

I was amazed! And he was afraid of the toilet at church and wouldn’t go, so he held it… for a long time for a little boy like him!!!

Now, he DID have a diaper on for nap-time, at which point I heard him saying, “Poop. Diaper” several times. I checked on him and he had taken his diaper off with a big glob inside of it… Next goal… Poop-training him… Sounds exciting, no?

Gunna try something…

So, I was looking at how to upload a video from YouTube on the Chelrisaree blog… Let’s see if I can’t do that here… If so, then, voila! I may have solved one of my unsolvable mysteries!!! Anyway, it’s a funny video from Japan about potty-training, and a friend of mine enlightened me! It’s also on the Chelrisaree blog, so if it doesn’t work, then go there!

Testing testing 123…


IT WORKED!!! So, I guess if I load my videos up to YouTube… ::sigh:: I wonder if I can’t work around that too… I guess I’ll have to play with things a bit…

Cold sweats… Nail-biting… Nightmare inducing… “Unwerdare”!

Yes, the day has come where Kade insisted on wearing his “unwerdare” instead of his “britches” to our monthly play-group at church (Kidrichment). An outing without wearing diapers… ::shudders:: So, of course, in the diaper bag were three pairs of underwear, I think (I hope?) two pair of pants, and some diapers, just in case. I also have a towel folded into three on his car seat, just in case. This kid has an unquenchable thirst, and has a bladder the size of a watermelon… there’s a LOT of liquid in there!

I may have insisted more fervently that he wore britches to Kidrichment, but yesterday while he had his underware on he would say “yucky” or “dirty” and start to cross his legs or grab himself, and we were able to rush to the potty before he had an accident, with very little leakage. He went maybe 5 times yesterday!!! Of course, part of me suspects that he’s holding a lot of it in until nap time when I put a diaper back on him and then the the flood that’s been waiting to break out of the dam just rushes out, because his diapers are SOAKED when he gets up. At least he’s holding it and can contol it…

Well, anyway, the dancing and the “yucky” and the walking like his pants were wet started today at Kidrichment, and I though, oh no! (I laugh, because I can hear Kade saying, “Oh no!” with his super concerned face and it’s SO dang cute!!!), so I put Charlie on the gym floor and Kade and I rushed into the bathroom. “Huwwy! Huwwy! Huwwy!” Kade cries as we run. Much to my amazement and utter delight, he wasn’t wet at all! So, I sat him down on the big potty- no little seat to put on top of it, and lo and behold, he didn’t go! A few minutes later we tried again, and he went!!! It was ah-maze-ing! We have GOT to work on the aiming issue here, however… Yeah… So, while he “went” in the potty, we had to change his pants and “unwerdare” because not a drop… yes, that’s right… not ONE drop made it into the toilet…  He ran out into the gym with his bare bum with a dozen kids and their moms, and we put a new pair of “unwerdare” and pants on him. They all questioned if he had had an accident, but no… He just can’t aim well. We are CONSTANTLY wiping up the floor with him… He might have gone again, we certainly made a few trips to the bathroom, but I don’t think he liked the big toilet so we ended up putting his britches on before we left. I was so proud of him! He is doing so well, and is so excited about wearing “unwerdare” and getting his “potty-candy” and as of today, all of his new  ”shtickers” (in an effort to wean him from “potty-candy”) and a potty-chart.

WAY TO GO KADE!!! Who knew potty-training could be so exciting!

On that note… any tips on how to get him to want to poop in the toilet? ANY tips at ALL?

Potty Party

Rice Crispy Toilet!

We had a potty party a couple of days ago to celebrate the begining of potty training with a friend who has a little girl the same age as Kade. So, in honor of the potty-party, I made a special rice crispy treat! Kade said “Yucky!” when he saw the picture of it. Aaron had made a little chocolate addition to the toilet just for the photo shoot. Funny.

Let the Potty begin

Well, Kade attempted his first potty experience today. He told Daddy he wanted to go potty (“pah-yee, pah-yee”), and since Aaron was changing his diaper, he put him on the potty seat. Well, Kade missed the toilet, even on the seat, but he sure made a wonderful first attempt. Potty training, here we come! (Am I ready for this? Yowzers!)