Our Love

It was a dark and stormy night… oh, wait… it was only dark. Actually, it was dusk, so not quite dark yet. After a wonderful experience together in the Cardston temple, the drive home came to a complete halt as the ill-fated deer jumped out onto the road and into Aaron’s father’s Impala, later christened Impacto from all the other things that have hit it or that it has hit. It was the first day these two had met, and between Zebras and Xerox machines already they found that conversation never lagged. By the end of the long day together, both went home contemplating, “After all these years, could this finally be the one for all time and eternity?”
As the weeks passed by, the two friends became inseparable, much to Amaree’s room-mate’s dismay. Their friendship grew by leaps and bounds, and the fascination of each other became deeper and deeper. Needless to say, they did everything possible together.
After nine weeks of sheer bliss, he concocted a scheme, a genius scheme, to propose to her. He created a faux front page with the assistance of her family, and put it on the frozen mid-January steps of the house she was babysitting at for a week. She, upon receipt of the proposal, and being incredibly considerate of the fact that he just might be sleeping still since it was so very early, sent him a brief but meaning-packed text-message…“YES!” (OK, so perhaps she also was a little groggy after having just arisen from her slumber just moments earlier, and her mental-hard drive was just booting up).
Five and a half of the quickest slow-moving months later, the happy couple was sealed for time and all eternity in the Cardston, Alberta, Canada temple on June 18th, 2005. The next week, they flew to Kentucky for her sister’s wedding and for a triple (yes, TRIPLE!) reception. They both adapted to married life without much ado, and lived happily ever after, of course!

A month later, Amaree discovered that she was pregnant with baby #1. After a blissful 9 months, right on the due date, April 6th of 2006, Kade Everett Matthews joined their little family. 15 months later, on July 13th, 2007, their second son, Charles Oscar Matthews, made their family 4. On December 12th,2008, they had a miscarriage and lost their Madeline Grace, who will join them in the millennium. January 9th, 2010 Olivia Esther joined the family as the only other girl other than Mom. On May 27th, 2010 Aaron’s mom passed away from her 7 year battle with cancer. January 30th, 2012 Benson Crain Shepherd joined the family as the last birth child. As their family grows, they are always amazed at how the love grows, too.

Their story continues, their love grows steadily, and their life offers endless adventures and experiences as they continue on their journey through eternity.

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